Team Competition in Motion

The competition is shaping up and going strong between teams “Tommy’s Stern Wheelers”, “Dreams of Chance” and “Team Jeff”!  Team Jeff threw down the gauntlet earlier today and the trash talk is filing up cyberspace.  You can join by throwing some cash support behind your “best shot” team or you can form your own team and add to the friendly competition.

View and print the Competition Form then mail or fax it to the center.  Information is on the form.

Have your own team?  Register now!

New Planters For Our Students

It was an exciting day at the Center. The wonderful Team from Keller Williams Lake Cities came and built gardens for the students at Achievement Center of Texas. They made one raised so the students in wheelchairs can also plant. They brought them shovels, gloves, planting books, plants, and lots of other goodies to make their gardening venture a fantastic experience. These amazing people are coming back to put in a walkway for students to be able to get wheelchairs and walkers to the other planting beds that they built.

Thank you Keller Williams Lake Cities!



The 2013 Spring Gala photos are online at David Bateman Photo.  The session ID is ACT2013 (All Caps).  Photos can be ordered directly from David but we are offering a special discount if we order them all together by May 12. We’ve put together an order form with mailing instructions.  Click Here for the order form. Orders may also be faxed to the number on the form.

2013 ACT Silent Auction Tables

The Silent Auction was laid out beautifully. Thanks David, Sharon, Theresa & Nicole! Photos by David Bateman